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Is the Wii dead? - Microsoft Kinect vs Sony Playstation Move

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

There has been a lot of hype over the new gaming technologies that are emerging in the digital world. With the Wii starting the trend, Sony and Microsoft were quick to follow suit after seeing its instant success. In Sony and Microsoft fashion, they have quickly tried to develop the foundations set by the Wii into an immersive and engaging gaming experience.

The Playstation Move has been out for some time now and I have heard some great reports and seen some great gaming opportunities with the device. Although I'm yet to have a go, but eager to try!

This leads us onto the highly anticpated Kinect by Microsoft. I have heard some mixed reports on this - some great, some terrible. Here's the dilemma... the theory of the Kinect is world class and it is highly likely that it will be the way that we as society move forward with a lot of our entertainment fulfillment. However, it comes with some disadvantages. Being fully immersive into the platform means that it will get very tiring... I mean very tiring. I've heard through the grapevine that shift rotations are required to play one game. The other issue is expectation; will it live up to the expectation of consumers with regards to the response rate and gaming experience? This is obviously to be confirmed. Only the public can tell us that.

We'll see how these devices perform against each other, but most importantly, against the Wii. Hopefully the two big boys won't kill of Nintendo as I think that there is more innovation to come - especially with a cross-platform gaming experience... unless Microsoft beat them to it. I'm looking forward to the interactive experiences that lie ahead, especially with games, the internet and possibly the integration of TV and 3D. In the words of EA, "It's in the game" - and it really will be at this rate.

Anyway, here is a small E3 video demo of the Kinect - hope you enjoy:

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